I have fished with a lot of great crankbaits, but the Strike King® KVD Series Crankbait rises above them all.

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I used to be very loyal to the Rapala brand of hard baits but recently have developed an affinity towards the KVD series of Strike King crankbaits. I still use Rapala baits, and they make a great product, but the Strike King® KVD Series Crankbait is not to be overlooked.

I’ll let you in on a little secret — If you want to catch bass, the Orange Bellied Craw is one of the most effective lures I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with.

the best bass fishing lure strike king kvd crankbait

I took someone who had never fished before to one of my favorite ponds one evening and put that Orange Bellied Craw KVD Series crankbait on a spinning rod for them. Despite this person being unable to cast well at all, and having no idea as to how fast they ought to reel the bait in, they caught 6 bass and 1 crappie in an hour. I might also add that this was in the middle of July where the average temperature had been hovering between 90 and 95 all week. I struggled to catch anything on any other lure I had. (This may have also been influenced by the fact that I wasn’t able to keep my line in the water for a very long time due to constantly having to help my guest unhook the fish, take pictures, keep the lines from getting tangled, and of course, pulling weeds off the hooks.)

Please don’t be mistaken; I’m not writing this review based off of this one experience…

I have had many days, one just last week, where I caught more bass than I could count with my beloved Orange Bellied  Strike King® KVD Series Crankbait.

the best crankbait for bass fishing

One of the struggles of fishing small ponds in the mid to late summers is keeping weeds off your hooks. The KVD 1.0 or 1.5 baits swim shallow, without sacrificing the actual size of the bait itself. Some other baits makers adjust the size of the bait itself to the depth they want it to swim. The KVD baits are the same size across the board but are weighted differently, and bills adjusted according to the desired swimming depth.  

catch lots of bass with strike king kvd crankbait

Having a normal sized crankbait, rather than a tiny one, that swims at a shallow depth is advantageous for the small ponds I tend to fish near my home. Most of these ponds contain bluegill in addition to large mouth bass, and the larger crankbaits tend to keep the bluegill away, whereas many of the tiny crankbaits I have tried in the past attract bluegill which becomes an annoyance after dragging the fifth or sixth one in.

I have a few other Strike King® KVD Series Crankbaits in dull colors but have had more success with the brighter variety.

Trust me when I say that you need the Strike King® KVD Series Crankbait in your tackle box!

You can buy directly from Strike King on Amazon, and see all of the patterns and sizes they offer all on one page!

Get The Strike King KVD Series Crankbait On Amazon Today!