The Spyderco Tenacious may be one of the best knives for the money, period.

spyderco tenacious review

Recently a friend of mine bought a $30 knife from a reputable brand and was proudly showing it off to me. It seemed to be a well-made knife, but I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why not spend another $10 or $15 and get a Spyderco Tenacious?”

olive green spyderco tenacious

The Tenacious is sharper, the handle is constructed far better, and the overall fit and finish has a more robust and durable feel. With a near razor edge, the Tenacious cut a clean line through a piece of paper and cardboard, whereas the other knife struggled to leave a clean cut. Outside of paper and cardboard, Spyderco has engineered the Tenacious perform tremendously at all cutting tasks. The 8Cr13MoV steel is easily sharpened and holds its edge well.

black spyderco tenacious knife review

The handle on the Tenacious is exceptional and mimics other Spyderco handle patterns. The G10 grips which come mounted to the frame of the knife hold up against the elements and allow for an exceptional grip on the knife. There is jimping on the top of the blade which further adds to its usability. Yet another upgrade from the plastic handle on my friend’s knife.


The locking mechanism of a knife is always something that I pay particular attention to when purchasing, or testing a knife. This is especially important with liner locking mechanisms, as they in my experience, are the most prone to design flaws. This is not the case with the Spyderco Tenacious. The liner lock uses a thick enough piece of metal that is located directly under the center of the blade so as to keep it from slipping or giving way.

spyderco tenacious pocket knife review

The clip does a good job of keeping the knife in your pocket, as it should, and its position is adjustable. My knife came with the clip set up for tip down carry but is adjustable for left or right-hand tip up carrying.  The clip is held on with three screws which haven’t come loose at all. A lanyard hole is also located at the bottom of the handle.

Spyderco has a wide range of sizes within their collection of knives. The Tenacious falls somewhere in the middle of the size spectrum and takes up a decent amount of space in your pocket. You won’t forget you have it, but it probably isn’t so big that it will become burdensome.

spyderco tenacious plain edge knife review

I recently took this knife on a camping trip and had to cut several pieces of rope, and was reminded of how easy it is to use this knife. It’s big enough and sharp enough for almost any cutting task.

I have often recommended this knife, and generally, recommend any of Spyderco’s knives for purchase. Their designs are very functional, and the build quality is superb. Most Spyderco knives come in a variety of colors, and custom etching on the blades is also available making for an excellent gift option.

You can buy the Spyderco Tenacious from a variety of retailers, but I have generally found the best prices, and variety of color options on Amazon.

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Overall Length7.76" (197 mm)
Closed Length4.45" (113 mm)
Blade Thickness.118" (3 mm)
Blade Length3.39" (86 mm)
Weight4.1 oz (117 g)
Clip PositionAmbidextrous