For family camping, it is hard to beat the convenience and value of the Coleman Instant Cabin 6-Person Tent. It’s big, easy to set up, and waterproof.

Coleman Instant Cabin ReviewNow I said in the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock Review that I prefer sleeping in a hammock, and no longer sleep in tents. This is true, but not everyone in my family likes to sleep in hammocks. On top of that, I take outdoor recreation a little more seriously than my family members. When we go camping together, we bring the Coleman Instant Cabin 6-Person Tent.

What originally drew us to this tent was the claim that you could set it up in about 60 seconds. I have found this to be true. The design features integrated poles and a rain fly lends itself to a quick and easy setup.

Coleman Instant Cabin Setup reviewThe integrated rain fly, WeatherTec inverted seams, and welded floors work great to keep the rain out of the interior of the cabin. On our most recent three day camp out, we experienced quite the downpour and I was a little worried about how the tent would hold up against it. It turned out to be a non-issue, and the occupants of the tent were able to stay dry. Not one complaint about water getting in the tent was heard. The performance of this tent in the rainstorm is what has prompted me to write this review. 

We have been using the Coleman Instant Cabin 6-Person Tent for a few years now, and it has accompanied us on several campouts. We have had no issues related to the durability of the materials or build quality, and expect to be able to use this tent for many years to come.

Coleman Instant Cabin 6 person tentMy one critique of this tent is regarding the 6-Person rating. Could you fit 6 people in this tent? Yes. The tent is 10ft x 9.5 ft, which is enough space to fit 6 people, but it will probably be a squeeze. I have found that most tent makers are ambitious when it comes to determining the number of people who can fit in a tent. The tent is 6ft tall at the center which is great if you need to stand up.

Because of the integrated poles, and the sheer size of the tent, the Coleman Instant Cabin doesn’t break down into the smallest size. The carrying case is nice and thankfully isn’t too small for the tent. Packed up in the carrying case, the Instant Cabin is about 4ft x 10in and weighs about 25 lbs.

The Coleman Instant Cabin 6-Person Tent is a great value and is sure to perform satisfactorily for you. This tent is available at a variety of retailers, and 4 or 8-Person sizes are available as well. I have found that the best prices for this product are found on Amazon.

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