The best Cabelas fly line reviewQuality, high-performance fly line at a bargain price!

I have fished with a range of fly fishing lines and have been very impressed with the performance offered by this economically priced, entry level fly line. Although it is not the highest end performance line…

…The Cabela’s Prestige® WF Floating Fly Line has all that I look for in a line.

Why buy Cabela’s Prestige® WF Floating Fly Line?

  1. It floats
  2. It’s durable
  3. It’s smooth
  4. It’s affordable

It has everything you need, nothing more nothing less…

I would especially recommend this line for any anglers that are just starting out. 

This is not the smoothest, slickest line I have ever fished with, but at the time of purchase, it was a huge upgrade from the dirty and rough line I was using.

For the money, Cabela’s Prestige® WF Floating Fly Line is a fantastic product.

good cheap fly fishing line afordable from cabelas

Available in a variety of weights.

I use the 5 wt line on my Okuma SLV reel and have been highly satisfied.

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