At Sparrow Outdoors, we understand the importance of having quality gear.

Many of us have also felt the disappointment that comes along with purchasing a product that does not meet expectations.

Many reviews these days are focused on the fanciest high price products or are sponsored by the companies that produce the products being reviewed.

Sparrow Outdoors is committed to testing products thoroughly and providing accurate reviews of those products in order to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

sparrow outdoors fly fishing gear reviews

My name is Duke “Sparrow” Adams. I’ve been an outdoors enthusiast my entire life. When I was too little to go on hunting trips with my Father, I would anxiously await his return so I could hear about his trip and see the game he harvested. I grew up hunting and fishing in Utah and Idaho. In recent years I have become involved in competitive shooting sports.

I enjoy helping people and sharing what I have found helpful or useful in my recreational endeavors. As many friends have often approached me asking for advice related to gear purchases, I decided to publish my reviews via

Other contributing authors with various areas of expertise will be joining the team shortly.

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